Sunday, January 23, 2011

Very Sour, Sour Cream

We are officially in our shop! Jason and I were so excited to get in and get started...
until we were actually in...
When the previous tenant read the part in the lease agreement saying the space must be left "broom clean" it must have been opposite day!
Now you are probably thinking
Oh it was just a little dirt... no..
Ok maybe a bag or two of trash to take out.... nope
Now you are starting to think... ok Katie how bad could it have been??????


Not only had the previous tenant not removed any of their stuff... there was trash and filth and gunk and funk everywhere...
I know that Jason and I are the only people that will ever know the truth of the filth we discovered I will still leave you with this last mental picture...

Sour Cream in a warm refrigerator.... for....... a............YEAR!!!!
the smell and the look may have changed my life..
Ok I'm done... moving on.

Soooooooooooooooo.... after 2 days of cleaning up after someone else we could finally start working on making the shop our own...

I leave you with a picture that does not even close to show the mess...

but now we have a before picture to later compare with an after picture!


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  1. OMG ... that must have been like a really bad nightmare!!! But, that's all behind you now and with each passing day the progress you make will give you a whole new perspective and encouragement. From here on out it's all good!!!



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