Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A dream is born!!

I can't believe I get to say this but.... I am a business owner!!!
So crazy to be able to say!
To explain the craziness of the last month lets go back to the beginning...

In November Jason (My Husband) and I decided to head down to Ocean City to walk the avenue that I have always wanted a shop on. We started by talking to a realtor and we were quickly told that a spot like we were hoping for rarely comes available.
Feeling disappointed we were about to leave but decided to continue our walk.
Like an oasis in the desert we spot a for lease sign! The space is in the dead center of the downtown business district. Really could not ask for a better location.
Later that day we called about it. Later that week we went to see the space. Later that month (after a bit of craziness!) that space was ours!!

And with the sign of my name on many dotted lines Sandcastle Cupcakes was born!!!


  1. Congrats Katie, the name is so perfect!! Can't wait to see how everyting transpires and to be there on opening day!

  2. This is great ... we want more!!!

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