Monday, January 31, 2011


We are finally done painting!!!

It was the longest painting job ever!! The 13 to 15 foot ceilings did not make it easy.
The space went from "prison cell grey" to a beautiful happy pale yellow.
A big thank you to my mom and Uncle Eric for their help!

Now that the painting is done we can start actually setting up the space the way we want it. 

Tomorrow we are meeting with the company for our signage.
VERY excited about it! The biggest decorative element that I have been dreaming of will soon be here!
More to come on that!

The Hubby was VERY happy to be finished!
Catching some air!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When it rains in pours... literally

As you can see we have been cleaning and organizing.
it doesn't look like much of a change but believe me it is!

last week we walked into this....
see that ceiling hanging down where it is not suppose to be...
we walked into water everywhere and two holes in our roof and ceiling...
So exciting 2 WEEKS IN !!!!
very annoying but as of today the holes are fixed...
now I have to get my landlord to fix the damage the water caused...

Today Jason was working on increasing the size on the door to the kitchen and I continued painting and painting and painting...
At least we love the color we used!

more to come!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Very Sour, Sour Cream

We are officially in our shop! Jason and I were so excited to get in and get started...
until we were actually in...
When the previous tenant read the part in the lease agreement saying the space must be left "broom clean" it must have been opposite day!
Now you are probably thinking
Oh it was just a little dirt... no..
Ok maybe a bag or two of trash to take out.... nope
Now you are starting to think... ok Katie how bad could it have been??????


Not only had the previous tenant not removed any of their stuff... there was trash and filth and gunk and funk everywhere...
I know that Jason and I are the only people that will ever know the truth of the filth we discovered I will still leave you with this last mental picture...

Sour Cream in a warm refrigerator.... for....... a............YEAR!!!!
the smell and the look may have changed my life..
Ok I'm done... moving on.

Soooooooooooooooo.... after 2 days of cleaning up after someone else we could finally start working on making the shop our own...

I leave you with a picture that does not even close to show the mess...

but now we have a before picture to later compare with an after picture!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A dream is born!!

I can't believe I get to say this but.... I am a business owner!!!
So crazy to be able to say!
To explain the craziness of the last month lets go back to the beginning...

In November Jason (My Husband) and I decided to head down to Ocean City to walk the avenue that I have always wanted a shop on. We started by talking to a realtor and we were quickly told that a spot like we were hoping for rarely comes available.
Feeling disappointed we were about to leave but decided to continue our walk.
Like an oasis in the desert we spot a for lease sign! The space is in the dead center of the downtown business district. Really could not ask for a better location.
Later that day we called about it. Later that week we went to see the space. Later that month (after a bit of craziness!) that space was ours!!

And with the sign of my name on many dotted lines Sandcastle Cupcakes was born!!!

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